Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Nexus S Is Here

The Nexus S officially went on sale this morning at 8am via Best Buy!  I for one am sticking with my Evo and patiently awaiting the Gingerbread ANdroid 2.3 update which will bring many of the Nexus S's features to my very capable piece of hardware, but for those of you in the market for a new handset this could be the device for you! Early reviews seem pretty good the phone is said to be very fast and snappy, due largely to the efficiency upgrades in Gingerbread.  Check out the video review below courtesy of Android Central.

Also be sure to check out Google's Nexus S unboxing video which might be one of the most creative Youtube videos I've ever seen.  Be sure to actually click the link because I can't embed the video, also be sure to have some fun with nunchucks after the video is over ;) lol


Monday, December 13, 2010

Evo 4G Gets a Keyboard Equipped Brother

Whats better than an Evo 4G? Why an Evo 4G with a keyboard of course.... Right? Well soon customers will be able to choose between the two! Sprint's long rumored Evo Shift 4G / HTC Knight / HTC Speedy recently leaked a few pics and a January 9th release date! The pic shows it sporting some sort of protective case, but essentially its looking like an Evo with a smaller screen and a slide out qwerty keyboard. Though HTC added a keyboard unfortunately rumors are saying the screen is 3.5", which is .5" too small in my opinion, and that the front facing 2nd camera may have been dropped.

I love my Evo, but I have to admit the idea of an optional physical keyboard is appealing. Just not at the cost of all that screen real estate and my front camera (even if I barely use it). I definitely have had some times I wouldn't mind a keyboard.  The emulators I've blogged about before would be perfect with a physical keyboard controller. Plus back in the day on my PPC 6700, Mogul or Touch Pro I used to actually type papers and do work on my phone. I think I typed faster on there than on a real keyboard honestly lol. But I'll likely be riding my Evo out until the Evo 2 is dropped though. I would've gladly traded a 4.3" for a 4" screen and a keyboard. Four inch screens seem to have become the high end phone standard screen size especially for sliders. Any less won't really float for me not coming from an OG Evo; and the camera seems to quickly be turning into an essential spec for elite devices. And I mean, the Epic has one..... I'm just saying.

Oh yeah, and I'm feeling the touch pad on the keyboard. Just wish they would've put it on the left hand side for games smh.

Source: Boy Genius Report


Android Market App Update

The Gingerbread goodness of Android 2.3 may not have reached your phone yet (and may not ever hit it depending on what phone you have smh), but if you are running Android 1.6 or higher which should be a very large majority of Android users you can expect an update to your market app any day now. Google has announced that the update will roll out over the next few weeks. Some have already gotten the update, so be sure to check your market.

The new market boasts an improved UI, faster searches, more app info, improved rating system and an overall more appealing market experience. Unfortunately the 24hr trial period has been reduced to 15mins!!!!

If you don't want to wait you can do like I did and follow the link (or scan the QR code) below for a downloadable apk file and update manually. (Worked flawlessly on my rooted Evo, but as always proceed with caution) 

Nexus S.... The Next Nexus

The Google/Samsung Nexus S is all the way official! Google's true Google Phone experience continues where the Nexus One left off with the new Nexus S manufactured by Samsung.  While I'd rather have seen HTC continue making the Nexus phones it is looking like a pretty nice device and since its an official Google phone it'll get its updates directly from Google which is a really good thing since Samsung doesn't have the best track record for pushing out updates.  The phone basically is a Galaxy S with slightly updated specs including a front facing camera.  The biggest selling point on this phone for me is Android 2.3 Gingerbread; it will be the first device with it (but luckily not the only one!).  The phone will be released this Thursday, December 16th through Best Buy which is likely a better approach than the online distribution method they tried with the Nexus One.

Update: Best Buy will begin sales of the Nexus S Thursday December 16th. Stores open at 8am online sales start at 8am also.  Limit of 2 phones per customer.  $529 unlocked off-contract; $199.99 with a 2 year T-Mobile agreement.

Full review at Engadget

PSP + Android = Gamer's Dream

Sony is finally answering the direct prayers of many gamers and releasing the PSP Phone or "Zeus Z1" as it is being referred to.  Still no official release date but its clearly coming soon more details are leaking and now there's even some video footage.  Hope its got one hell of a battery!

Source: Engadget

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Android 2.3 Gingerbread and the Samsung Nexus S Are Almost Here!

Well it's November 11th and I can smell the sweet smell of Gingerbread.... Not because of the rapidly approaching holidays but because Google is getting closer and closer to officially releasing its next big Android update, Gingerbread.  Samsung has been identified to make the successor to the Google phone produced by HTC the Nexus 1.  It is looking like it will be called the Nexus S and pics are beginning to leak.... Hopefully go will go official soon!

Source: Engadget

Monday, November 8, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Is Here!!!

Microsoft is all geared up and ready for their re-entry into the mobile phone arena and those Windows Phone 7 devices I talked about before are finally hitting the U.S. AT&T and T-Mobile are the only carriers that will be selling handsets at launch with Sprint and VZW to follow early 2011.  Check out my old post for more details about the handsets available. The OS as whole looks promising but not enough to lure me away from team Android and the upcoming Gingerbread update back to Windows.... I still have the bitter taste of Windows Mobile in my mouth.  Anyone taking the dive and going to Windows Phone 7?


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Xbox Kinect..... R.I.P. Wii

I've been waiting a long time since I first saw it debuted as Project Natal, I finally got my hands on Microsoft Kinect Xbox 360's new motion sensing peripheral.  Kinect takes a different approach to motion based controls than the Wii or even PS3 bypassing controllers of any kind for a sensor capable of capturing motion and providing true "controller free" gaming.  I was very skeptical that this would actual work as promised but I have to say my skepticism was laid to rest once I got a chance to try it myself.

Diving into the box you have your typical Xbox 360 setup plus the Kinect sensor bar pictured to the right. This sensor bar is stuffed full of high tech goodness. Before you scoff at the $150 price tag understand this is not just a camera.  Kinect sits on a motorized pivoting base that allows it to adjust itself for an optimal viewing angle.  Housed inside the "bar" part Kinect features an RGB camera, depth sesnor and 4 microphones running software that allows full body 3D motion capture, facial recognition and voice recognition. The 4 mic setup allows Kinect to  locate your voice and suppress ambient noise in your surroundings for things like party chat without having to use headsets.  Kinect also uses a inrared projector to "see" in 3D under any ambient light conditions.  This 3D view helps Kinect calibrate and adjust to varying setups, player positioning and the presence of furniture or any other object.  Kinect is capable of simultaneously tracking up to 6 people. In addition to gaming Kinect adds voice navigation to some of menus and media playback.

After the last few years playing the Wii I honestly had lost faith in the concept of motion sensing based video games. I mean teh Wii is definitely fun but after playing some of the games you definitely see it has some major limitations that I think Kinect may be able to over come.  Kinect provides a much more immersive gaming experience because it can "see" you.  It can track your body movements, log you in with facial recognition, obey your voice commands and take pictures of you and lay that over the 3D image of you putting you right in the game.  I am not only impressed with the games I've tried so far but with the potential of Kinect.  The dance game Dance Central absolutely amazed me.  Unlike most dance games you aren't just stepping on arrows or buttons along to a beat.  This thing actually watches your movements! You've got to move your hips, arms and legs to the beat.  Kinect is sensitive enough to know if your half-assing it and it will be reflected in your scores! I highly recommend dropping into your local Bestbuy to give Kinect a try its one of those things you just have to try for yourself.

The add on for your Xbox 360 cost $150 or you can get a bundle with Kinect and the newer slimmer sleeker Xbox 360 S and games are strategically placed at $50 (just like Wii titles). I grabbed mine at mid-night at Bestbuy and got a small gift package with a Kinect bag, water bottle and towel, all of which were appreciated after working up a sweat playing Kinect Adventures the bundled game that comes along with Kinect. 

One down side to Kinect is the fact that you need space! Microsoft recommends at least 6-8ft between Kinect and the playing area; and that's just the minimum recommendation.  You obviously would want to have more space for two player games and would want to move furniture out of the way. I found that the space in my basement is just a little too small for optimal play space after nearly breaking my toe attempting to kick a virtual ball and hitting my head on the ceiling while jumping over a virtual hurdle.

Kinect can be mounted below or above the TV.  Placing it above the TV seems to help in a less than ideal sized space; Bestbuy sells a special mount to securely place your Kinect on top of your TV for $40 bucks. Unfortunately, this  mount does not work with TV's that are mounted on the wall, so to remedy this situation I created my own wall mount for about 8 bucks.  A piece of wood, a shelf mount, a few screws and some black spray paint and BOOM a custom Kinect mount!

Video source and for more detail visit Engadget's full review


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab

The first real Android Tablet competitor to the iPad is among us. The Samsung Galaxy Tab, and it is available in a number of different carrier flavors and is equipped with wifi and varying types of cellular data coverage. I am very excited about Android Tablets in general and I think the Galaxy Tab really gets things heading in the right direction.

Powered by Android 2.2 Froyo, with a 7" screen Samsung emphasizes  it's "portability", I guess implying that other larger screen tablets *cough iPad cough, cough* aren't very portable. I will agree I think I'd prefer the slightly smaller sized screen, but definitely look forward to tablets to come that cover a spectrum of screen sizes. The Tabs only 14oz but I don't know about Sammy's implications that it is pocket-able. Sounds like a great way to waste a few hundred bucks, but it's clearly a bit more hand-sized than the 10" iPad. One feature the iPad lacked that the Tab has that I griped about is a camera; and not just one but two! So unlike iPad which will undoubtly be followed by a slightly upgraded successor with the camera it should've had to begin with, the Tab will allow photo, video and video chat (via front facing camera) out of the box!

Samsung does there best to make it more than just a giant Android powered smartphone. Adding their own app suite to the mix to provide some additional functionality and features.  One I really like is the landscape email app; which allows you to view your inbox list on one side and a preview of a given email on the other.  Apps like this are the things that get me excited about replacing my laptop on daily treks around campus and to work with a tablet of some sort.  It gives you the mobility of a smart phone with the expanded functionality of a more full-fledge computer.  On the flip side Android still has a way to go with its tablet platform as many of the apps are still not optimized for the larger screen experience and it seems that in many capacities it is just a large phone (without phone functionality).  Fortunately Google is on top of this and should be addressing these issues soon with Android 3.0 Honeycomb software update, which will be optimized for tablet devices.

If nothing else I welcome the Galaxy Tab as a worthy competitor in the Tablet arena, and I am very excited to see what is to come. Not just from the Tab but from the upcoming onslaught of Android tablets from a plethora of manufacturers. With the Tablet-centric Honeycomb version of Android on the way we should see a boost on the software/OS side too.  2011 will definitely be an interesting year and we will likely see some exciting changes in the way we use technology, computers and the web.

Check out some Galaxy Tab video footage!

More detail at sources:


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Return of Windows... Mobile

Those of you smart phone veterans definitely remember not too long ago when Windows Mobile held a respectable share of the smart phone market and WinMo phones could be found on the high end of every carrier's shelf. But as time passed and innovation was completely ignored Windows Mobile became a stale, stagnant OS that was sustained primarily by its underground developing community.

Like many WinMo users I jumped ship and helped contribute to the swelling market shares of Apple's iPhone, Googles Android, RIM's BlackBerry and even Palm's (HP's) WebOS.  Well now Windows is back to reclaim its position in the mobile phone arena.  Beginning the end of October and early November Microsoft will unleash its new Windows Phone 7 devices.  Capitalizing on the success of Windows 7, Microsoft has completely re-invented its OS for the mobile arena!

The most impressive part of Windows Phone 7 to me, is the integration of many of Microsoft's various services; most notably, MS Office, Xbox Live and Zune.  Microsoft seems to have put a lot of thought into making a seamless experience across all of its premier products and services. Utilizing what they call "hubs" user will launch into various apps, or interfaces to utilize the devices different functionalities.  At launch Dell, HTC, LG and Samsung will provide devices which will initially be limited to AT&T and T-Mobile with devices coming to Sprint and Verizon in 2011. Check out these devices below plus a little info on the new OS.

  • HTC 7 Surround -- The 3.8-inch T8788 with slideout speaker for AT&T and Telus
  • HTC HD7 -- Schubert comes of age as a 4.3-inch HD2 cousin for T-Mobile and beyond
  • HTC 7 Trophy -- the 3.8-inch Spark headed to international carriers
  • HTC 7 Mozart -- another heavily leaked int'l player with 3.7-inch display
  • Dell Venue Pro -- 4.1-inch portrait QWERTY slider for T-Mobile we broke as Lightning
  • Samsung Focus -- AT&T's 4-inch Super AMOLED slate we broke as Cetus
  • Samsung Omnia 7 -- the i8700 is a 4-inch Super AMOLED jobbie for Europe
  • LG Optimus 7/7Q -- the E900 is the official 3.8-inch global workhorse
  • LG Quantum -- AT&T's 3.5-inch landscape slider first seen as the C900
  • HTC 7 Pro -- a 3.6-inch QWERTY slider for Sprint (2011)
Video tour of devices below:

Though I wont be jumping back on the Windows bandwagon any time soon, I have to say I am impressed. It will be interesting to see MS attempts to get back into the hands and pockets of consumers. I really like the AT&T U-verse integration with the ability to control and watch DVR'd content (free for existing customers $10/month for non-U-verse customers), Netflix, and Xbox Live integration. I welcome Microsoft's return to the smart phone arena; more competitors means more competition, which is all win for us consumers! The big question is will it be enough to persuade smart phone users to come back from Android and Apple land?

Check out the impressive Xbox Live integration:

Source: Engadget


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Flood of New Android Phones

Is it just me or new Android phones popping up like pimples on a teenagers face?! Seriously, though I feel like I can't even keep up with all the new devices.  From T-Mobile's newest high end devices the G2 and the myTouch HD to Sprint's up-coming, low-end $50 Froyo toting LG Optimus S new Androids are dropping every day! I'm glad to see the new phones rolling out; the more options the better and the bigger the Android user base grows which is good for all.

Sprint is FINALLY expanding their Android options some more after being completely left in the dust by their fellow CDMA carrier Verizon, and offering 3 new mid to low-level Android devices, the previously mentioned LG Optimus S, Samsung Transform, and the Sanyo Zio. In my opinion Sprint has really been needing some more Android devices especially in the mid-tier realm and these look like they may fill out that space nicely. Even better the phones are priced at $150 (Samsung Transform), $100 (Sanyo Zio), $50 (LG Optimus S), putting them right in the impulse purchase range and making buying an old school feature phone even more pointless!  The phones will also ship with a new Sprint software add-on called Sprint-ID; it allows user to select different thematic lay outs with pre-configured themes, settings, apps and widgets.  For example a business theme that automatically downloads and installs business related apps, widgets and adjusts the settings. This approach seems better than the current method of loading the phone with a bunch of Sprint crap straight out of the gate.  Check out the vid below for a walk-through of Sprint-ID.


The Samsung Transform is basically a "baby" 4G-less Epic. Running Android 2.1, with a 3.5" capacitive touchscreen, 800MHz processor, FRONT and rear cameras and a slide out qwerty keyboard.  It has a similar design to the Epic 4G minus the Super AMOLED screen and $100 less. And despite the lack of 4G the Transform still supports video chat!!!

The Sanyo Zio intially had some poor reviews but it looks like the final edition has had some tweaks and is now rocking Android 2.1 (instead of 1.6) and has had some bug-fixes. 3.5" screen, 600MHz Qualcomm processor.
And then the LG Optimus S, which in my opinion may be the most interesting of the bunch. For $50 the phone has a 3.2" HVGA screen, mobile hotspot, WiFi, 3.2MP camera,  and 600MHz processor; additionally Engadget describes it as having a Nexus One like feel.  Best of all it is running Android 2.2! It is really looking like it could have the biggest "bang for your buck"  in the Android world thus far!

And potentially following in the Samsung Galaxy S family's foot steps the LG Optimus One will apparently be the family name and it will be offered on other carriers as well; so far T-Mobile is the only other US carrier to announce a device.  The T-Mobile LG Optimus T will be dropping soon as well. Specs appear to all be the same but T-Mo was sure to point out that its Optimus comes with Swype preloaded and the button layout is slightly different.

Not to be left out Verizon will be adding another member to it's Droid family, with the Motorola Droid Pro.  This phone should be a nice device for Team Blackberry members looking to jump ship to Android with its BlackBerry-like portrait qwerty design.  The keyboard looks like a BlackBerry keyboard and has been describe to feel like one too! The Droid Pro has some impressive specs, with a 1Ghz processor, Android 2.2, 8GB of internal storage, WiFi, Bluetooth, a dual LED flash-equipped camera, 3G mobile hotspot and an optional 1860mAh extended battery.  The Pro will come ready to handle the busy business-person's daily tasks and will also have a desk mount like some of its other Droid relatives available for purchase! VZW customers your choices just keep getting better and better. The VZW Droid lineup has got to be the best selection of Android devices offered by any carrier. VZW customers biggest issue is likely which Droid to take home, but thats got to be a good problem to have.... right?

VZW will also be launching the MotoBlur and Microsoft Bing corrupted Motorola Citrus.  Nothing too fancy here Android 2.1 and a 3" touch screen the phone sports Moto's oddly unique "BackTrack" track pad on the back of the device and like the other non-Droid branded phones comes loaded with Microsoft's Bing crap in the place of the normal Google goodness on other Android devices. Hey but at least it is Eco-friendly, the Moto Citrus "has a housing made from 25 percent post-consumer recycled plastic, is certified CarbonFree® through an alliance with, and is PVC and BFR free. The packaging is made from 80 percent post-consumer recycled paper, and the user manual is made using 100 percent recycled paper and soy-based ink". I doubt any of that really matters to most, but that wont stop marketers from trying to use it as a selling point.

Update: The videos were acting funky so for more info and vids follow each devices respective link:

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sprint WiMax 4G Reaches Ohio!!!

Ok so this wont really matter to many outside of Ohio but I am GEEKED!!!! Sprint's 4G coverage has finally started to roll out in small pockets around the state.  If you're like me you were pissed to have to pay the $10/month up-charge for 4G with the Evo and Epic, especially considering that many states have/had ZERO 4G coverage.  Sprint has promised to aggressively roll out 4G coverage and had Cleveland and Cincinnati slated for September as the first cities in Ohio with Columbus rumored to fall somewhere around that time frame.  Well I'm not sure when coverage started rolling out but I was hearing rumors that we had spotty coverage areas in downtown Columbus and on the north-side of town near the Polaris shopping area. So of course I fired up my Evo's 4G on OSU's campus and..... nothing; but later when I got home (North-side off of Schrock not too far from Polaris) I happily found I get 1-2 bars of 4G goodness depending on which room I stand in.

This couldn't have come at a better time for me since I recently moved and will be without the web for about a week.  Fortunately, my rooted Evo has the Wifi-Tether app which turns my Evo into a Wifi-hotspot just like Sprint's default app, but for free! Couple that with the blazing speed of 4G and I'm back in business!

The one huge downside of 4G for the moment however is its RIDICULOUS drain on the battery.  Its so bad that it pretty much renders 4G as a plugin-only feature.  But rest assured that this issue should be gradually addressed with software updates and better coverage.  I've noticed significant 4G performance variances in different cities; for example 4G in ATL seemed to be slower, spottier and consumed WAAAAY more battery than in Chicago. A Clearwire (Sprint's 4G partner) rep in Chicago explained that this is due to the superior coverage that Chicagoans enjoy.  So as markets mature and coverage improves we should hopefully see faster speeds and less battery drain.

Evo and Epic users in Ohio (and other states) I'd love to hear what areas of the state you have found 4G coverage in, and I'll be sure to update my findings as I will be making a trip home to Cleveland this weekend. Don't hesitate to drop a few lines below!

Update: I am seeing reports of 4G up and running in other areas in Columbus:

German Village Kroger area, King and Olentangy, Main and Grant, and Parsons and Livingston

Skype Mobile Now Available For Android Devices, Fring Steps Up to Challenge

It's been a long wait for Verizon's exclusivity to end on Skype Mobile for Android, but the day has finally come. The question is however; is it too little too late?  The US version of the app is limited to WiFi only (despite the odd fact that the VZW version is 3G only #fail) which means no 3G or 4G (ie. true mobile) Skyping.  Continuing to fail there is no video support..... Yeah soooo.... other than international calling it may not be the most useful app, but hopefully we will see those features added soon.

Meanwhile Fring, which once supported Skype functionality (including video) before Skype demanded it be removed; has added it's own calling service called FringOut. This new service allows users to make US and international calls for as little as one cent per minute! Aditionally Skype supports WiFi, 3G, 4G and video chat functionality as well as chat services through Fring, GTalk, ICQ, MSN, Twitter, AIM and Yahoo. Fring works for all versions of Android not just 2.1+ as well as Symbian devices, iPhone, and Nokia devices with the OVI store.

Skype is definitely better known and has a prettier UI but Fring, a one time ally is becoming a serious competitor. Check out the Fring Mobile app video below.

Source: PPC GeeksPC World

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sony Ericsson LiveView.... Android Bluetooth Remote Watch Thingy....

I have been wanting a device like this forever and it looks like Sony Ericsson finally will be bring it to market..... What is the it I am referring to?.... Sony Ericsson's 1.3 inch OLED screen remote control display! This (potentially) useful little device will allow users to access data and control some features on their Android 2.0 or higher based devices with out having to take their phones out of their pockets, purses, bookbags, etc...  Set for launch during the last quarter of the year and if its priced right this guy will have one.

Source: Engadget

Monday, September 27, 2010

Team BlackBerry Gets A Tablet

BlackBerry lovers and Tablet PC enthuiast rejoice a new RIM product enters BlackBerry into the brewing Tablet battle. Joining the iPad and Samsung's upcoming GalaxyTab RIM introduces the BlackBerry PlayBook.  I have to say I'm impressed with what I'm seeing so far!

The PlayBook has a blazing fast processor (RIM calls it the fastest tablet") with a 7" screen, a 3MP front facing camera and a 5MP camera on back.  It's sounding like they will come with 16GB and 32GB models.  The PlayBook will be capable of 1080p HD video and has an HDMI  port as well as a microUSB port and supports WiFi and Bluetooth.

The PlayBook is being called "the professional tablet" its OS is described as a blend of BlackBerry OS and Palm's webOS (think Palm Pre/Palm Pixi); utilizing a "card view"  functionality to handle multitasking.  A nice feature is that the tablet can be tethered to your BlackBerry, negating the need to purchase a separate data plan and providing an "amplified view of what's already on your BlackBerry".  RIM also states that data will not need to be duplicated on your PlayBook and BlackBerry and that the two "can be used interchangeably"-- whatever that means exactly... The PlayBook is slated for release in early 2011!

Source: Engadget

Monday, September 13, 2010

T-Mobile Steps its Android Game Up!

T-Mobile, home of the original Android device the G1 has been falling behind a bit lately in terms of competitive high end Android smart phones (barring the Nexus One, but we'll leave it out because of its unique distribution method). While other carriers have been releasing Super-smart phones such as the HTC Evo 4GMotorola Droid 2, and Motorola Droid X T-Mobile customers have been stuck more-or-less with only mid-level options.

While the myTouch Slide, Moto Cliq and a few others are respectible Android devices the carrier lacked many true high end phones.  Well following the launch of the Smasung Vibrant, the carrier's first competitive super-phone in a while comes the highly anticipated T-Mobile G2!

T-Mobile is boasting that the new G2 will have "the fastest smart phone experience in America". The phone will utilize a next generation Qualcomm chipset at 800Mhz, which in theory should be very fast. It will be running a vanilla (standard Google issue) version of Android 2.2 Froyo, which is a really nice thing as it bypasses carrier and manufacturer bloatware.  HTC's Sense UI overlay in my opinion is one of the better manufacturer tweaks but getting the default Google experience is great because it allows you to customize your phone the way YOU want! Removing sense will give G2 users an experience like that one the Nexus One, and will likely have similarly quick updates to new versions of Android OS since there will be no need to make sure they are compatible with the manufactuers custom crap.  The G2 has a 3.7" screen with 4GB of internal memory plus a bundled 8GB microSD card, Swype keyboard, 3.5mm headphone jack, 5MP autofocus camera with LED flash and 720p HD video.  Additionally the G2 will be T-mobiles first HSPA+ enabled device allowing it to run at 4G speeds.  The phone is set to launch October 6th!  Best Buy has begun pre-orders with the standard price of $199.99 on a 2 year contract.  Radio Shack just topped there offering the G2 at $150.00 with a 2yr!

But T-Mobile isn't stopping there rumors of the  myTouch HD are heating up stating that it will be the 2nd HSPA+, 4G speed supporting device.   The myTouch HD is rumored to have a 3.8" display, Swype, 4GB of internal space plus 8GB microSD card, 5MP rear camera and a VGA front facing camera for video chat on Qik or Yahoo Messenger, some sort of video out feature (most likely HDMI like the Evo) and a 1Ghz processor most-likely the more advanced dual-core processor.

If nothing else this is a effort by T-Mobile to show its customers that it is in the Android game and still ready to go head to head with the competition.  T-mobile customers you have some good devices coming your way and this is a great sign for all of us as competition heats up the phones keep getting better and better!

Source: Engadget

Monday, September 6, 2010

New iPods

Apple has once again refreshed its iPod line with some significant new features (well except the shuffle).

The iTouch has got the cameras that have been rumored for sometime now; which now enables it to utilize FaceTime.  It is described as basically being a slim iPhone 4 with out the cellphone radio. Adding the two cameras really opens up what the iTouch can be used for and makes it one of the only (or at least best) video phone devices that do not require a contractual agreement with a cell carrier.  With new cases coming out that aim to convert the iTouch into a sim card supporting phone it will be interesting to see how the iTouch shapes up as an alternative phone option... I honestly could seee coupling it with my Evo and using my it's wifi hotspot functionality to FaceTime chat with all my Team Apple friends.

The new Nano has had the biggest changes; it now sports a tiny little touch screen and a miniaturized version of iOS.  At first I was skeptical but after watching the video below I could see this being a really nice little gadget.  I'd love to see Apple release a watch style case/band for it.  I would definitely rock this at the gym or honestly maybe even as a daily watch with the right apps loaded on it.

Finally we have the new iPod Shuffle; nothing ground breaking here it has just added the classic iPod scroll wheel and as usual is available in a multitude of fruity flavors.

All of these new iPods are looking really great and I'm sure will sell like hotcakes lol.  The bigger question is where do they fit in your gadget repertoire as our phones continue to have more and more features built right in and negate the need for stand alone media devices.  The new iTouch definitely continues to blur the line between phone and iPod.

Source: Engadget


Friday, August 27, 2010

HTC Droid Incredible Joins the Froyo Party!

As of today VZW will begin rolling out the long awaited Android 2.2 Froyo update for HTC Droid Incredible units. Bringing a speed boost, wider app library, 720p video recording, mobile hotspot, and Flash 10.1 and other tweak and goodies to the Incredible. VZW has really done a great job with its Android devices and its good to see its first 1ghz super Droid get brought up to date. Better late than never right? if you haven't automatically been prompted to update yet go to menu/settings/system updates and start checking periodically. if its as smooth as it is on the Evo (which it should be) you will love the tweaks! Please share your thoughts after upgrading below in the comments.
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

iPhone and iPod Touch get full Netflix App... I'm Jealous

iPhone and of course the iPod Touch both just got their own versions of the Netflix App that has been available for the iPad that allows the streaming of video content to your handheld iDevice of choice. This is great! If you have an iPhone you need to cop this app IMMEDIATELY! If you dont have Netflix you need to get that too; if you watch movies trust me you wont regret it.

Netflix's cheapest setup (with instant viewing privileges) is only $8/month, which gets you as many DVD's as you want and keep them as long as you want, but only one DVD at a time (higher packages allow more DVDs at once). The best part is you get to watch their online movies instantly as often as you like. The instant selection though limited, is constantly growing and has a great selection of movies and TV series that will keep you occupied and easily make the $8/month membership worth it (Especially considering that the theaters like $15/ticket now). Instant movies can be watched via your computer (perfect for long boring desk jobs lol), Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, special boxes(they run about $100 and hook to your tv), and even by default on some newer web connected tvs. Now iPhone and iTouch can be added to this list.

An Android app is expected soon; and hopefully this is a sign that soon will actually be soon! I'm so jealous (you wont hear me say that often about an iAnything lol) because I would use this app all the time and it makes the $8/month fee that much more worth it. Movies on the go! Lets just hope that with the Evo, Droid X and other androids with HDMI (or HD video) out options can use this to play the movies on the TV.

Ohhh and new iPhone users, hows this gonna work on that limited data plan?.... Ouch! #AT&TFail

Source: Engadget

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Google Voice Action App For Froyo HUGE Update for Voice Search

Google is goin in with Android and has been dropping hot features and devices left and right.  Today its voice search app gets a boost for Froyo equipped devices. Its new features include very advance voice commands. But why type what you can watch. Check out the unbelievable app in the video below. I'm downloading this RIGHT NOW!!!!


Madden '11 iPad Edition

Anyone that knows me knows that I have some issues with the iPad. But this is certainly not one of them. Madden '11 looks sweet as hell on the iPad! Check out the Video:


New Phone Explosion!!!

Last night (while I was supposed to be studying lol) I couldn't help but keep checking my favorite tech sites; there where several big announcements so lets check them out!

First, the Droid 2 was officially launched today so VZW customers be sure to check that out my last Droid 2 post has been updated with video and I may have a personal review coming soon!

Images of the special edition Star Wars R2D2 version have begun to leak as well this unit is set to go on sale in September.

Next, Sprint customers another 4G phone is headed your way! The Samsung Epic 4G, Sprint's Samsung Galaxy S phone became official and will drop August 31st, for $250.  This phone has a 1Ghz hummingbird processor (Samsung's 1Ghz processor option said to be very fast), a Super- AMLEOD screen for crisp deep color, front and rear camera and full physical keyboard.  It is easily the best of all the Galaxy S variants in my opinion. Sprint Premiere customers should be receiving an email regarding pre-ordering the device!

Check Out Sprint's vid comparing the Epic and the Evo:

Not to be left out Dell's rumored device the Dell Thunder video footage has been leaked. The vid shows of the upcoming 8MP, 720p recording, 4.1" OLED toting Android phone. Hopefully it will be launching with at least Android 2.1 with  speedy update to 2.2.

This is a more pocket friendly Android device to go along side the Dell Streak 5" tablet/phone soon to be released on AT&T for $300 on a 2yr contract.

Next is in my opinion the best news of all and that is the Google Android based Sony Ericson PSPhone!!!! This partnership between Google and Sony will introduce the long awaited PSPhone. It will launch with Google's next software Android 3.0 Gingerbread and will have a separate part of the Android Market for PSX/PSP quality games.  The phone will be a slider but instead of a traditional qwerty keyboard it will have a full PSP supporting controller with standard Playstation buttons an special touchpad (joystick alternative) and shoulder buttons! This phone could be out as early as October! I can't wait! SNESoid, Genesoid and all the emulators will be effin amazing on here and not only will you have free access to all the classics but you will get access to Playstation and PSP classics as well as new content.  This phone is a gamers dream phone and will likely be the only phone that will make me consider putting my Evo up for sale.  Android's momentum is steadily building and they are not looking like they are going to let up. This will launch Android to the top of the list for mobile gaming and allow Sony to finally introduce a PSPhone that has been desperately requested. There is also a chance that some of the games will be available for non-PSPhone Android 3.0 high end devices.

And finally, not to leave Team iPhone out there may be good news coming your way too.  You may finally be able to ditch AT&T as rumors are becoming more solid that a CDMA (VZW or Sprint) iPhone is being prepared for a January 2011 release.  Now many automatically assume it is coming to VZW but with their heavy support of Android lately I think its possible it could be headed to Sprint. This would defintiely be interesting if Sprint surprised us all and nabbed the new iPhone.  I doubt it (and hope I'm wrong don't want all the iUsers on my network), but who knows I'm sure we will know the truth soon enough..... Could the pressure form the growing Android Army have hurried the plans to get the iPhone away from AT&T?

Sources: EngadgetGizmodo and Android Central


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stock Android 2.2 3D Picture Gallery for HTC Evo 4G

The Evo recently got an update to Android 2.2 Froyo, but because it is an HTC device some features where not included as HTC opted to use their own versions. One of such features is the 3D picture gallery. I just installed it and it looks really great but is a bit slower and less efficient than the stock option from HTC. Still it doesnt override your stock HTC pic gallery so you can use both and show off the 3D effects of the stock Android 2.2 gallery. Check out the video and if you like it follow the link to download and install.

To install you will need either an app like Astro file manager (highly recommended app) or you will need to download to your computer and email it to yourself at your Gmail account, at which point your phones Gmail will offer you the option to install the file.

Download: Android 2.2 Stock 3D Picture Gallery
Source: Good and Evo

Sharing Websites Between Your Computer and Froyo Equipped Android Phone

This nothing new but it is something that is often overlooked.  With the Froyo update came the ability to effortlessly share websites between your Froyo equipped Android device and your computer's web browser.  There are likely several ways to do this butI'm going to share what I use.  This is something I always wanted and I use it daily it is REALLY helpful.  Instead of having to email yourself links or trying to remember them and retype them you can now simply push a button and the link will instantly pop up on your phone from your computer and visa-versa.

First you will need Google's Chrome to phone App and Chrome browser extension. For some reason both of these are hard to find so I will provide links below.  I guess I should also note that this is for use with Google's Chrome browser (my favorite) and I will also provide a link for Chrome to Phone for Firefox (I haven't tested this version) unfortunately I don't have anything for Safari or Internet Explorer (do people still use IE?).

Each of the links will allow you to download the files to your computer or directly to your phone using a bar code scanner ( another great app that you should download from the market).  The Chrome to Phone ".apk" file should be installed on your phone.  Once installed complete any registration steps and then download the browser extention (either chrome or firefox accordingly).  Once this is done you should get a small button in your browser tool bar.  This button will send whatever site you are viewing directly to your phone!  This feature is infinitely useful!!!

Video of Chrome to Phone:

Now for the inverse; to send items from your phone to your computer I like to use Android2cloud.  I have provided links to download both the app for your phone and the Chrome browser extension for this one as well.  This app does the same thing except now when you are viewing a site on your phone you can long press in the url bar and select share page (or press menu and share page), you will see Android2cloud as an option and selecting it will load it on your computers browser.

Check out the video demonstrating this feature:

These are features that took entirely too long to come to our phones and now that they are out they aren't widely publicized.  Check them out I guarantee you'll be glad you did!

Files for Chrome to Phone (send sites from computer to phone):
Chrome to Phone apk file (actual app for your phone) UPDATE: This app is now available in the market officially!
Chrome to Phone Browser extension for Google Chrome Browser (install to computer)
Chrome to Phone Browser extension for Firefox (install to computer)

Files for Android2Cloud (send sites from phone to computer):
Android2Cloud apk file (install to phone) Also available in the market search "Android2Cloud"
Android2Cloud Google Chrome Browser extension (install to computer)

Motorola Droid 2 Officially Announced On Sale Aug 12th

The Droid 2 finally gets official and will go on sale Thursday August 12th for $199.99 on a new contract. Verizon's website will begin offering units tomorrow during an early pre-sale event. There is also a special edition R2D2 Star Wars Droid 2 that will be packaged with Star Wars goodies set for release in September.

The Droid 2 will surely be a success boosting the Droid into the arena with the latest Super-smartphones.  Maintaining the original Droid's general shape, design, camera and screen size (5MP camera, 3.7" screen), the Droid 2 has a redesigned keyboard, 1Ghz processor, 8GB of built in memory plus a 8GB microSD card and Swype pre-installed.  The Droid 2 will also come with Android 2.2 Froyo out of the box (flash support, plus hard keyboard equals lots of great FREE gaming)! For an additional $20/month Droid 2 owners will also be able to utilize Verizon's Wifi hotspot functionality on the Droid 2.

The best part of this whole ordeal for many current VZW customers is that Verizon will be allowing any customers whose contract ends by December 31, 2010 to upgrade to any smartphone, including the Droid 2, without penalty!!!! I'm sure many orginal droid owners (and Blackberry owners) will be jumping on this!

For more info check out VZW's Droid site 
Source: Gizmodo
Video Source: Android Central