Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sharing Websites Between Your Computer and Froyo Equipped Android Phone

This nothing new but it is something that is often overlooked.  With the Froyo update came the ability to effortlessly share websites between your Froyo equipped Android device and your computer's web browser.  There are likely several ways to do this butI'm going to share what I use.  This is something I always wanted and I use it daily it is REALLY helpful.  Instead of having to email yourself links or trying to remember them and retype them you can now simply push a button and the link will instantly pop up on your phone from your computer and visa-versa.

First you will need Google's Chrome to phone App and Chrome browser extension. For some reason both of these are hard to find so I will provide links below.  I guess I should also note that this is for use with Google's Chrome browser (my favorite) and I will also provide a link for Chrome to Phone for Firefox (I haven't tested this version) unfortunately I don't have anything for Safari or Internet Explorer (do people still use IE?).

Each of the links will allow you to download the files to your computer or directly to your phone using a bar code scanner ( another great app that you should download from the market).  The Chrome to Phone ".apk" file should be installed on your phone.  Once installed complete any registration steps and then download the browser extention (either chrome or firefox accordingly).  Once this is done you should get a small button in your browser tool bar.  This button will send whatever site you are viewing directly to your phone!  This feature is infinitely useful!!!

Video of Chrome to Phone:

Now for the inverse; to send items from your phone to your computer I like to use Android2cloud.  I have provided links to download both the app for your phone and the Chrome browser extension for this one as well.  This app does the same thing except now when you are viewing a site on your phone you can long press in the url bar and select share page (or press menu and share page), you will see Android2cloud as an option and selecting it will load it on your computers browser.

Check out the video demonstrating this feature:

These are features that took entirely too long to come to our phones and now that they are out they aren't widely publicized.  Check them out I guarantee you'll be glad you did!

Files for Chrome to Phone (send sites from computer to phone):
Chrome to Phone apk file (actual app for your phone) UPDATE: This app is now available in the market officially!
Chrome to Phone Browser extension for Google Chrome Browser (install to computer)
Chrome to Phone Browser extension for Firefox (install to computer)

Files for Android2Cloud (send sites from phone to computer):
Android2Cloud apk file (install to phone) Also available in the market search "Android2Cloud"
Android2Cloud Google Chrome Browser extension (install to computer)

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