Monday, September 6, 2010

New iPods

Apple has once again refreshed its iPod line with some significant new features (well except the shuffle).

The iTouch has got the cameras that have been rumored for sometime now; which now enables it to utilize FaceTime.  It is described as basically being a slim iPhone 4 with out the cellphone radio. Adding the two cameras really opens up what the iTouch can be used for and makes it one of the only (or at least best) video phone devices that do not require a contractual agreement with a cell carrier.  With new cases coming out that aim to convert the iTouch into a sim card supporting phone it will be interesting to see how the iTouch shapes up as an alternative phone option... I honestly could seee coupling it with my Evo and using my it's wifi hotspot functionality to FaceTime chat with all my Team Apple friends.

The new Nano has had the biggest changes; it now sports a tiny little touch screen and a miniaturized version of iOS.  At first I was skeptical but after watching the video below I could see this being a really nice little gadget.  I'd love to see Apple release a watch style case/band for it.  I would definitely rock this at the gym or honestly maybe even as a daily watch with the right apps loaded on it.

Finally we have the new iPod Shuffle; nothing ground breaking here it has just added the classic iPod scroll wheel and as usual is available in a multitude of fruity flavors.

All of these new iPods are looking really great and I'm sure will sell like hotcakes lol.  The bigger question is where do they fit in your gadget repertoire as our phones continue to have more and more features built right in and negate the need for stand alone media devices.  The new iTouch definitely continues to blur the line between phone and iPod.

Source: Engadget


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