Monday, June 28, 2010

Samsung Android Invasion

Samsung is hitting all the US carriers hard this summer with similar devices for all of the major US cell carriers. The Samsung Epic 4G's keyboardless brothers have been announced for Verizon (Samsung Fascinate), T-Mobile (Samsung Vibrant) and AT&T (Samsung Captivate). All of these devices are variations of the same general phone the Samsung Galaxy S (or in the case of the Epic 4G the Galaxy S Pro) in what appears to be an attempt by Samsung to develop some universal brand recognition across carriers.


All of these devices have:

1Ghz processor
4 inch Super-AMOLED screens
5MP camera with 720p video camcorders
Included Storage cards will vary with each carrier but it looks like they will all have at least 2GB included

The devices seem to be priced around $199.99 on a 2yr contract and each will come loaded with different goodies depending on the carrier. T-Mobile has confirmed that theirs (Samsung Vibrant) will be available July 21st for $200 and will include the Sims 3, Avatar (full length movie), live TV through MobiTV and E-Books with Kindle for Android.

Check out video of the AT&T version Samsung Captivate below:

For more specific detail on your carrier's Galaxy S version check out Engadget's more detailed articles by clicking the corresponding device below:
Verzion's Samsung Fascinate
T-Mobile's Samsung Vibrant
AT&T's Samsung Captivate
and again Sprint's Galaxy S Pro or Samsung Epic 4G

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