Thursday, August 26, 2010

iPhone and iPod Touch get full Netflix App... I'm Jealous

iPhone and of course the iPod Touch both just got their own versions of the Netflix App that has been available for the iPad that allows the streaming of video content to your handheld iDevice of choice. This is great! If you have an iPhone you need to cop this app IMMEDIATELY! If you dont have Netflix you need to get that too; if you watch movies trust me you wont regret it.

Netflix's cheapest setup (with instant viewing privileges) is only $8/month, which gets you as many DVD's as you want and keep them as long as you want, but only one DVD at a time (higher packages allow more DVDs at once). The best part is you get to watch their online movies instantly as often as you like. The instant selection though limited, is constantly growing and has a great selection of movies and TV series that will keep you occupied and easily make the $8/month membership worth it (Especially considering that the theaters like $15/ticket now). Instant movies can be watched via your computer (perfect for long boring desk jobs lol), Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, special boxes(they run about $100 and hook to your tv), and even by default on some newer web connected tvs. Now iPhone and iTouch can be added to this list.

An Android app is expected soon; and hopefully this is a sign that soon will actually be soon! I'm so jealous (you wont hear me say that often about an iAnything lol) because I would use this app all the time and it makes the $8/month fee that much more worth it. Movies on the go! Lets just hope that with the Evo, Droid X and other androids with HDMI (or HD video) out options can use this to play the movies on the TV.

Ohhh and new iPhone users, hows this gonna work on that limited data plan?.... Ouch! #AT&TFail

Source: Engadget

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