Monday, September 13, 2010

T-Mobile Steps its Android Game Up!

T-Mobile, home of the original Android device the G1 has been falling behind a bit lately in terms of competitive high end Android smart phones (barring the Nexus One, but we'll leave it out because of its unique distribution method). While other carriers have been releasing Super-smart phones such as the HTC Evo 4GMotorola Droid 2, and Motorola Droid X T-Mobile customers have been stuck more-or-less with only mid-level options.

While the myTouch Slide, Moto Cliq and a few others are respectible Android devices the carrier lacked many true high end phones.  Well following the launch of the Smasung Vibrant, the carrier's first competitive super-phone in a while comes the highly anticipated T-Mobile G2!

T-Mobile is boasting that the new G2 will have "the fastest smart phone experience in America". The phone will utilize a next generation Qualcomm chipset at 800Mhz, which in theory should be very fast. It will be running a vanilla (standard Google issue) version of Android 2.2 Froyo, which is a really nice thing as it bypasses carrier and manufacturer bloatware.  HTC's Sense UI overlay in my opinion is one of the better manufacturer tweaks but getting the default Google experience is great because it allows you to customize your phone the way YOU want! Removing sense will give G2 users an experience like that one the Nexus One, and will likely have similarly quick updates to new versions of Android OS since there will be no need to make sure they are compatible with the manufactuers custom crap.  The G2 has a 3.7" screen with 4GB of internal memory plus a bundled 8GB microSD card, Swype keyboard, 3.5mm headphone jack, 5MP autofocus camera with LED flash and 720p HD video.  Additionally the G2 will be T-mobiles first HSPA+ enabled device allowing it to run at 4G speeds.  The phone is set to launch October 6th!  Best Buy has begun pre-orders with the standard price of $199.99 on a 2 year contract.  Radio Shack just topped there offering the G2 at $150.00 with a 2yr!

But T-Mobile isn't stopping there rumors of the  myTouch HD are heating up stating that it will be the 2nd HSPA+, 4G speed supporting device.   The myTouch HD is rumored to have a 3.8" display, Swype, 4GB of internal space plus 8GB microSD card, 5MP rear camera and a VGA front facing camera for video chat on Qik or Yahoo Messenger, some sort of video out feature (most likely HDMI like the Evo) and a 1Ghz processor most-likely the more advanced dual-core processor.

If nothing else this is a effort by T-Mobile to show its customers that it is in the Android game and still ready to go head to head with the competition.  T-mobile customers you have some good devices coming your way and this is a great sign for all of us as competition heats up the phones keep getting better and better!

Source: Engadget

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