Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Phone Explosion!!!

Last night (while I was supposed to be studying lol) I couldn't help but keep checking my favorite tech sites; there where several big announcements so lets check them out!

First, the Droid 2 was officially launched today so VZW customers be sure to check that out my last Droid 2 post has been updated with video and I may have a personal review coming soon!

Images of the special edition Star Wars R2D2 version have begun to leak as well this unit is set to go on sale in September.

Next, Sprint customers another 4G phone is headed your way! The Samsung Epic 4G, Sprint's Samsung Galaxy S phone became official and will drop August 31st, for $250.  This phone has a 1Ghz hummingbird processor (Samsung's 1Ghz processor option said to be very fast), a Super- AMLEOD screen for crisp deep color, front and rear camera and full physical keyboard.  It is easily the best of all the Galaxy S variants in my opinion. Sprint Premiere customers should be receiving an email regarding pre-ordering the device!

Check Out Sprint's vid comparing the Epic and the Evo:

Not to be left out Dell's rumored device the Dell Thunder video footage has been leaked. The vid shows of the upcoming 8MP, 720p recording, 4.1" OLED toting Android phone. Hopefully it will be launching with at least Android 2.1 with  speedy update to 2.2.

This is a more pocket friendly Android device to go along side the Dell Streak 5" tablet/phone soon to be released on AT&T for $300 on a 2yr contract.

Next is in my opinion the best news of all and that is the Google Android based Sony Ericson PSPhone!!!! This partnership between Google and Sony will introduce the long awaited PSPhone. It will launch with Google's next software Android 3.0 Gingerbread and will have a separate part of the Android Market for PSX/PSP quality games.  The phone will be a slider but instead of a traditional qwerty keyboard it will have a full PSP supporting controller with standard Playstation buttons an special touchpad (joystick alternative) and shoulder buttons! This phone could be out as early as October! I can't wait! SNESoid, Genesoid and all the emulators will be effin amazing on here and not only will you have free access to all the classics but you will get access to Playstation and PSP classics as well as new content.  This phone is a gamers dream phone and will likely be the only phone that will make me consider putting my Evo up for sale.  Android's momentum is steadily building and they are not looking like they are going to let up. This will launch Android to the top of the list for mobile gaming and allow Sony to finally introduce a PSPhone that has been desperately requested. There is also a chance that some of the games will be available for non-PSPhone Android 3.0 high end devices.

And finally, not to leave Team iPhone out there may be good news coming your way too.  You may finally be able to ditch AT&T as rumors are becoming more solid that a CDMA (VZW or Sprint) iPhone is being prepared for a January 2011 release.  Now many automatically assume it is coming to VZW but with their heavy support of Android lately I think its possible it could be headed to Sprint. This would defintiely be interesting if Sprint surprised us all and nabbed the new iPhone.  I doubt it (and hope I'm wrong don't want all the iUsers on my network), but who knows I'm sure we will know the truth soon enough..... Could the pressure form the growing Android Army have hurried the plans to get the iPhone away from AT&T?

Sources: EngadgetGizmodo and Android Central


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