Monday, December 13, 2010

Android Market App Update

The Gingerbread goodness of Android 2.3 may not have reached your phone yet (and may not ever hit it depending on what phone you have smh), but if you are running Android 1.6 or higher which should be a very large majority of Android users you can expect an update to your market app any day now. Google has announced that the update will roll out over the next few weeks. Some have already gotten the update, so be sure to check your market.

The new market boasts an improved UI, faster searches, more app info, improved rating system and an overall more appealing market experience. Unfortunately the 24hr trial period has been reduced to 15mins!!!!

If you don't want to wait you can do like I did and follow the link (or scan the QR code) below for a downloadable apk file and update manually. (Worked flawlessly on my rooted Evo, but as always proceed with caution) 

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