Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Nexus S Is Here

The Nexus S officially went on sale this morning at 8am via Best Buy!  I for one am sticking with my Evo and patiently awaiting the Gingerbread ANdroid 2.3 update which will bring many of the Nexus S's features to my very capable piece of hardware, but for those of you in the market for a new handset this could be the device for you! Early reviews seem pretty good the phone is said to be very fast and snappy, due largely to the efficiency upgrades in Gingerbread.  Check out the video review below courtesy of Android Central.

Also be sure to check out Google's Nexus S unboxing video which might be one of the most creative Youtube videos I've ever seen.  Be sure to actually click the link because I can't embed the video, also be sure to have some fun with nunchucks after the video is over ;) lol


Monday, December 13, 2010

Evo 4G Gets a Keyboard Equipped Brother

Whats better than an Evo 4G? Why an Evo 4G with a keyboard of course.... Right? Well soon customers will be able to choose between the two! Sprint's long rumored Evo Shift 4G / HTC Knight / HTC Speedy recently leaked a few pics and a January 9th release date! The pic shows it sporting some sort of protective case, but essentially its looking like an Evo with a smaller screen and a slide out qwerty keyboard. Though HTC added a keyboard unfortunately rumors are saying the screen is 3.5", which is .5" too small in my opinion, and that the front facing 2nd camera may have been dropped.

I love my Evo, but I have to admit the idea of an optional physical keyboard is appealing. Just not at the cost of all that screen real estate and my front camera (even if I barely use it). I definitely have had some times I wouldn't mind a keyboard.  The emulators I've blogged about before would be perfect with a physical keyboard controller. Plus back in the day on my PPC 6700, Mogul or Touch Pro I used to actually type papers and do work on my phone. I think I typed faster on there than on a real keyboard honestly lol. But I'll likely be riding my Evo out until the Evo 2 is dropped though. I would've gladly traded a 4.3" for a 4" screen and a keyboard. Four inch screens seem to have become the high end phone standard screen size especially for sliders. Any less won't really float for me not coming from an OG Evo; and the camera seems to quickly be turning into an essential spec for elite devices. And I mean, the Epic has one..... I'm just saying.

Oh yeah, and I'm feeling the touch pad on the keyboard. Just wish they would've put it on the left hand side for games smh.

Source: Boy Genius Report


Android Market App Update

The Gingerbread goodness of Android 2.3 may not have reached your phone yet (and may not ever hit it depending on what phone you have smh), but if you are running Android 1.6 or higher which should be a very large majority of Android users you can expect an update to your market app any day now. Google has announced that the update will roll out over the next few weeks. Some have already gotten the update, so be sure to check your market.

The new market boasts an improved UI, faster searches, more app info, improved rating system and an overall more appealing market experience. Unfortunately the 24hr trial period has been reduced to 15mins!!!!

If you don't want to wait you can do like I did and follow the link (or scan the QR code) below for a downloadable apk file and update manually. (Worked flawlessly on my rooted Evo, but as always proceed with caution) 

Nexus S.... The Next Nexus

The Google/Samsung Nexus S is all the way official! Google's true Google Phone experience continues where the Nexus One left off with the new Nexus S manufactured by Samsung.  While I'd rather have seen HTC continue making the Nexus phones it is looking like a pretty nice device and since its an official Google phone it'll get its updates directly from Google which is a really good thing since Samsung doesn't have the best track record for pushing out updates.  The phone basically is a Galaxy S with slightly updated specs including a front facing camera.  The biggest selling point on this phone for me is Android 2.3 Gingerbread; it will be the first device with it (but luckily not the only one!).  The phone will be released this Thursday, December 16th through Best Buy which is likely a better approach than the online distribution method they tried with the Nexus One.

Update: Best Buy will begin sales of the Nexus S Thursday December 16th. Stores open at 8am online sales start at 8am also.  Limit of 2 phones per customer.  $529 unlocked off-contract; $199.99 with a 2 year T-Mobile agreement.

Full review at Engadget

PSP + Android = Gamer's Dream

Sony is finally answering the direct prayers of many gamers and releasing the PSP Phone or "Zeus Z1" as it is being referred to.  Still no official release date but its clearly coming soon more details are leaking and now there's even some video footage.  Hope its got one hell of a battery!

Source: Engadget