Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Skype Mobile Now Available For Android Devices, Fring Steps Up to Challenge

It's been a long wait for Verizon's exclusivity to end on Skype Mobile for Android, but the day has finally come. The question is however; is it too little too late?  The US version of the app is limited to WiFi only (despite the odd fact that the VZW version is 3G only #fail) which means no 3G or 4G (ie. true mobile) Skyping.  Continuing to fail there is no video support..... Yeah soooo.... other than international calling it may not be the most useful app, but hopefully we will see those features added soon.

Meanwhile Fring, which once supported Skype functionality (including video) before Skype demanded it be removed; has added it's own calling service called FringOut. This new service allows users to make US and international calls for as little as one cent per minute! Aditionally Skype supports WiFi, 3G, 4G and video chat functionality as well as chat services through Fring, GTalk, ICQ, MSN, Twitter, AIM and Yahoo. Fring works for all versions of Android not just 2.1+ as well as Symbian devices, iPhone, and Nokia devices with the OVI store.

Skype is definitely better known and has a prettier UI but Fring, a one time ally is becoming a serious competitor. Check out the Fring Mobile app video below.

Source: PPC GeeksPC World

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