Thursday, June 24, 2010

Drake's MTV Interview!

So like the rest of you guys I'm into more than just phones; and next to the Evo and iPhone 4 hype everything seems to be about Drake the last few weeks. After his series of mixtapes I was really feeling him, but not sure how I feel about all his damn singing on his first official album. The lyrics, and the crazy ass lines he used to spit seem to have taken the back seat to nasal-ly extended hooks. Just my opinion. I can say the more I listen to the album the more it's growing on me and there are definitely some tracks I'm feeling but just it's just not on the level of his mixtapes (I know how backwards that sounds lol). MTV interviewed the Young Money All-Star catch the full documentary at one of my favorite sites here at


What do you all think about the new album?


  1. I wish he had rap a little more on that album. Too much singing.

  2. @Sterling Thats all I'm saying lol