Friday, June 25, 2010

The Droid X: Verizon's new General of the DROID ARMY

I've been causally mentioning the Droid X in other posts and tweets lately, well it just got all the way official. Verizon customers get your bread up, the new Droid X drops July 15th! Best Buy started taking Pre-orders TODAY!! The Devices will be $200 on a 2yr contract. I recommend getting at Best Buy too if you want to avoid those annoying mail in rebates. The Droid X WILL be Verizon's premier smart phone (at least for a few month's until the next Droid-whatever drops lol). iPhone 4 got another challenger ;) !

The Droid X has:

1Ghz processor = FAST!!!

4.3" Screen HD screen 854x480 resolution (Same size as the HTC Evo 4G!)

8MP Camera/Camcorder with 720p video recording with LED Flash

Preloaded with Swype Keyboard

Android 2.1 w/Motorola's custom Motoblur tweaks and apps (Upgrading to 2.2 Codenamed Froyo "soon" which includes full Flash support!)

8GB built-in storage plus an included 16GB SD card (expandable up to 32GB) for a total of 24GB of included storage

It can be used as a 3G hotspot modem for up to 5 devices for an extra $20/month (Sure to be hacked for free!)

Measures 2.6x 5.0 x .04 (a little bigger than the Evo 4G, HUGE I know!)


For more in-depth info check out Engadet's Droid X Hub

Skinomi TechSkin - Invisible Screen Protector Shield for Motorola Droid X + LIFETIME REPLACEMENTS
Motorola Droid / Droid X Micro USB Sync and Charging Cable

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