Monday, June 28, 2010

HTC Evo 4G Update is Available

AS promised HTC and Sprint have delivered an OTA (over the air) update to fix a few quirks some people where experiencing with their Evo's.

The update HTC Evo 4G Software version 1.47.651.1 includes:

Improvements to Wi-Fi performance
Improvements and fixes for Exchange and Active Sync functions (issues with new account and PIN policy)
Issues with Facebook Sync which can improve battery life

If you haven't already gotten a notice; from your home screen hit menu->Settings-> System updates-> Firmware Updates. Your phone should search for the update and it will take several minutes for the whole process.


Check Engadget for more detail

UPDATE 6/29/10: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO UPDATE MORE THAN ONCE!!! I know that sounds obvious but some users updated, then immediately tried again and their phones got bricked (thats tech-nerd for f@#ked!!)... For some reason it will still tell you update available after an update and will still let you re-apply the update. Sprint and HTC are aware of the issue and have stopped all updates. I will post new news whenever Sprint/HTC get this fixed...smh
Again visit Engadget for more details

UPDATE 6/30/10: The OTA update has supposedly been fixed and re-released. I still wouldn't try to update twice tho! ;)

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