Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Gear

As I mentioned in my recent post about the Pebble smartwatch, we are about to see the floodgates open in the smartwatch industry. There have already been several unsuccessful attempts from companies like Motorola and Sony, and with the Pebble gaining steam it was only a matter of time until we saw some of the other heavy hitters get into the mix. Google, Apple and Samsung have all been rumored to have upcoming devices and Sammy is the first to show their hand. While there is much to be admired about Samsung's venture into the wearables field, I'm left disappointed with it's exclusivity to the Galaxy Note 3 (other Samsung devices will be supported eventually but still). I really would like to see this new wearable tech stay as open as possible, but I wholeheartedly get why Samsung would want to keep its branding giant going and make the newest member of the Galaxy family an exclusive.

Samsung has ventured in the opposite direction of the Pebble, not only because of its Galaxy-locked functionality, but also in its feature set. The Galaxy Gear has a 1.63-inch AMOLED touchscreen, a speaker, a pair of mics for video recording and playback as well as making calls. The Gear has a 800MHz processor, a 315 mAh battery (with a sad 10hr life), a BSI sensor and autofocus lens in the wrist strap thats capable of capturing 1.9-megapixel stills and 10-second video clips up to 720p with sound. The camera will automatically beam any pics taken to your connected Galaxy Note 3. The Galaxy Gear will launch with 70 or so apps, with many more to come and is likely to receive more developer support than previous smart watches. It will be very interesting to see how this does once it hits the market. One thing that is for sure, Sammy will be throwing a bunch of marketing dollars at this thing along with the GN3 this fall.

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Enough reading. Check out the hands on review courtesy of Engadget (lucky sob's lol)

In case you missed it in the Galaxy Note 3 review, hands on with the Note 3 and Galaxy Gear

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