Monday, September 23, 2013

GTA 5 Tips: Using the Stock Market

A large part of what makes the new Grand Theft Auto 5 so addictive is the insane level of depth the game provides. You can do almost anything in this game. And just like in real life most of the things you want and need cost money, lots of money. I've found early on that a good way to do this is to invest in the stock market!

There are some events in the game that can cause you to instantly increase your funds or lose a lot of them. Paying attention to in game tips before missions, on the radio and other in game conversations can give you valuable tips on how to invest. Lester is good for giving investment advice before missions and it'd be wise to listen. I've also gotten valuable advice from random civilians I've helped throughout the city. One guy I helped retrieve his stolen motorcycle and he turned out to be the owner of Animal Ark organic pet foods. He later emailed me (I was playing as Michael, not sure if that matters or not) and gave $100,000 in Stock in his company to express his gratitude as well as investment advice that his stock was pretty solid. So I invested in the stock with all my other characters as well and so far it has proven to be a slow but steady revenue builder for me.

I've also gone as far as quitting missions after getting investment advice from Lester and others, to toggle through all my characters and then invested nearly 90% of their cash into said stocks. So far I haven't been burned by this practice and it has allowed me to generate more money to reinvest and start buying property, but I'm sure that similar to real life there is some risk involved and I could've lost a lot of money so invest carefully.

As I've begun to try my hand at investing I decided to Google tips to get a better understanding of what I am doing. I've found some great tips (and a cheat that I probably won't try) that I want to share and hopefully they can help you as well.

Before you go any further, understand that there are SPOILERS in the tips ahead!


The easiest way to get rich, like in real life is to cheat. Again I haven't tried this (and probably won't) and it's not confirmed but if you're in a rush the cheat is as follows:

"Right after performing your first heist (or whenever you have a large chunk of money), invest them all in one company (you can go for the cheapest on the market), save the game and exit. Go to your console’s time, set the date 1 month or 1 year ahead and then log back in to the game. Apparently, the stock market will have changed and you can instantly get rich. This has only been reported on a few occasions and is not yet confirmed."

If you're daring and give it a try and it works, let us know in the comments below! I'm also not sure if you can just set your date back to normal after this cheat.


As far as actual GTA V stock market tips and the best ways to make more money in Grand Theft Auto 5 check out the tips below! (all courtesy of Cyfun from the GTA Forums):

Vangelico heist: 

Sell anything you have invested in them before this. Afterward, wait til it bottoms out around $35/share before buying any. Not sure if there’s a competing gem company to invest in before-hand, didn't see one.

LifeInvader prototype swap mission:

Sell anything you’ve invested in them before this mission cause it’ll tank badly. And I wouldn't bother ever investing in them again, as I tried when it bottomed out but it never really recovered.

Bilkinton/Betta Assassination mission (I think it’s called Hotel Assassination):

Sell anything you have invested in Bilkington. Lester mentions he invested heavily in Betta, but I didn't see them in the LCN. Are they somewhere else? I also noticed DollarPills tank as well. Once Bilkington bottoms out after the mission, though (the low for me was around $120/share), feel free to invest in them again as it spikes up again.

*Betta is on BawSAQ instead of LCN and named bettapharmaceuticals

Redwood/Debonaire (Multi-Assasination mission):

Before you even start this mission, sell anything you have invested in Redwood, and invest everything you’ve got into Debonaire. Don’t do it during the mission cause there’s a tight timer. And be sure and not to forget doing this for ALL THREE CHARACTERS. I was in a hurry and only did it for Franklin. Debonaire’s stock will go from about $200 to about $400. When the mission is over, wait a good few minutes as the stock value will continue to rise. Mine eventually peaked at $399.42, so go ahead and sell when it gets to that point. 

Dockyards secret government device mission:

Sell anything you have in Merriweather before this mission as it’ll dive a bit.”

So hopefully these GTA 5 stock market tips will help you improve your investment skills and increase your funds more quickly. Do you have other tips? Let us know in the comment section below!

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