Wednesday, September 18, 2013

GTA V: Possibly the Greatest Game EVER!

Unless you live on a deserted island you've probably heard that the block buster game Grand Theft Auto V was released this week. The latest in a long line of games that attempts to recreate an giant open world where you work your way to the top by committing various crimes. You play as three different characters this go round, through a storyline that honestly rivals those within blockbuster movies.

This year the game is bigger and more interactive than ever, allowing an unparalleled amount of depth that has never been seen in gaming! Want to ignore all missions and explore (my favorite thing to do), feel free. Anything you see is theoretically within reach assuming you've found or acquired the necessary skills or tools to get to it. This even includes the depths of the (shark infested) ocean for the first time in GTA history. Fly planes, helicopters, and blimps. Drive a seemingly endless selection of cars, motorcycles, boats, jet skis, and bicycles. Everything you love from previous GTA titles is here, in more detail with more depth and unseen levels of interaction. Want to go on a random crime spree (the favorite activity in GTA V for most) be ready for improved police AI, but you're free to do so on levels that weren't possible previously. Rob gas stations, build your crew even wear masks to assist in your clean escape. The criminal activities are limitless!

What's even more exciting than the game itself is the upcoming release of GTA Online, which is essentially a separate game all together based on GTA V (free add-on with the purchase of GTA V). Everything that is in the GTA V single player campaign's world will be present but with up to 16 live real players. Rockstar has even stated that they plan to continually add an enormous amount of additional content to GTA Online over the next few years, including everything they've made or will make in past and future games. So we can look forward to seeing favorites like Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas as a part of the online GTA world. Rockstar said they can essentially add an entire world one country at a time! Players can form gangs, buy property, commit all types of multi-player crimes, and play mini games.

I really believe this game will stand out in time as a pivotal point in gaming history. The features of GTA Online sound groundbreaking. Right now the game is predicted to make 1 billion dollars (yes BILLION) within the first month of being released! It surpassed $900 million within its launch window and we haven't even hit the holiday season yet. It also has received the highest rating of any game in 2013. I HIGHLY encourage you to pick up a copy and check it out for yourself. In the meantime check out the videos below. I will be honest it's going to be really hard to blog while I've got this game. Matter of fact time to get back to GTA now!

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