Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo's Next Console!

Nintendo's just showing off it's newest console the Nintendo Wii U and once again they are aiming to change the game by innovating how wii (couldn't resist) interact with the games.  First and foremost the console is completely compatible with all of the Wii's software and accessories!!! That's right so ALL of your games and wacky controllers, boards, nunchucks, etc will work with the new console! The system will FINALLY feature full 1080p HD graphics allowing the Wii U to compete with Xbox and PS3 with more hardcore games like Madden and shooters (which was a big downside to the original Wii in my opinion).

In addition to the enhanced graphical and computing power a lot of the new experience focuses around the new Wii U contoller.  The controller in addition to a pretty standard button layout (with dual analog) houses a 6.2" touch screen, stylus for writing and drawing, front facing camera (for chat) and motion sensing!  Check out the videos for a better idea of the innovative ways this can be used in gameplay.  It will really open up the door to limitless creative applications for game designers! We'll have to wait and see but this could really be a winner. Nintendo continually proves to be true innovators in the gaming industry!

I'm really feeling the idea of being able to continue my game without a TV allowing me to watch TV or let others around me watch TV while I continue gaming.  And the in game applications seem amazing too! I can't help but feel like this could be everything the Dreamcast controller dreamed of being and soo much more!

Still not sure but I may be grabbing one of these at launch if for nothing else than the Nintendo exclusives; Zelda, Mario and Mario Kart will be crazy on this!!! Hopefully they get the online gaming part right. And hopefully they release one in black.




  1. dat joynt look dope, but i bet the next one will have more screen and less console

  2. Yeah I think I might have to cop one