Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gtalk Getting Video and Voice Chat

Many of us have been waiting for an official Google video chat service and that time is finally (almost for all phones other than the Nexus S) here!!! The Nexus S will be receiving the Android 2.3.4 update which includes full video and voice chat for Gtalk, allowing you to chat with friends using their phones, tablets, or computers. Other devices will eventually get this feature as Gingerbread rolls out to older phones.  Hopfully they will skip the Android 2.3.3 updates that most had scheduled and go straight to 2.3.4. Ahhh the advantages of having a pure Android phone like the Nexus S.  The service will work on WiFi, 3G, and 4G.  Any Nexus S user want to share their initial impressions? Lets hope it doesn't take another 3+ Months to see this get pushed out to older phones.

Update: Don't feel like waiting for the update to be pushed to your phone? Download the manual update below.  Make sure that you are running 2.3.3 already and have the i9020T (AWS equipped model) since that is the model the update is intended for unless you know what you're doing and want to be adventurous. If this isn't making sense to you, just keep checking for you update in settings and play it safe, its on the way.

Manual 2.3.4 Update


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