Friday, June 10, 2011

iOS 5 Brings Many "New" Features

Apple will soon be rolling out its newest update iOS 5.  With this update comes many new features to the OS that while new to Apple and iOS may be familiar to other OS's. The updates will be available to the general public this fall for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (with some features being limited on the older iPhone 3GS).

First off is the Notification Center. This "new" feature will look really familiar to Android users, it finally gets rid of the intrusive pop-up notifications that iPhone users frequently complain about and provides an Android-style pull down menu that flashes notifications at the top of the screen and allows users to pull down a detailed notification list from the top of the screen.

I wont get into the obvious similarities here with Android's notification system, but I would like to touch on the nice advantages to the Apple approach. Similar to what many of us have done on our rooted Android's Apple has provided users with the ability to customize this Notification Center.  This is a really nice touch that I wish Android included in their stock notification system. Apple lets you add, weather or stocks, choose what and where you see various notifications and click a small "x" in the corner to clear specific notifications instead of just "clear all" like Android.  Additionally Apple has included customizable lock screen notifications that let you add various notifications to your lock screen and respond to them by swiping right from the screen. Nice touches that Android might want to incorporate while they are all "sampling" from each other. 

Next up is iMessage what is being called Apple's version of BBM. This service will allow mobile to mobile instant messaging between iDevices and is smart enough to switch over from text to iMessage when it detects that both users are on iOS devices; changing the color of the text bubbles from green (for text) to blue. Early reports from developers and those testing the early beta-release of iOS 5 have really been enjoying the service. iMessage will let you send pics, show when others are typing and is compatible with iPods. Many are looking at this as a potential way to end their need for a SMS plan.  

iOS 5 brings Newsstand, which will make one local place for all of your newspaper and magazine reading pleasure.  This fall the launch of iOS 5 will bring a new section of the App Store specifically for newspapers and magazines. You will be able to fill a virtual news stand with all of your subscriptions similar to iBooks. 

Twitter integration is another great feature included in the iOS 5 update. Apple users will now be able to Tweet from within Apple's native apps, websites being viewed on Safari or from pics in the Camera app. User can login once to their twitter accounts and it will be integrated across the OS, similar to how Android users can "share" to Twitter (or other Twitter apps (or really any applicable app)) from various points throughout the OS.  The Keyboard automatically adjusts providing @ and # keys when you are tweeting as well as autocompleting  usernames. 

Apple says the iOS 5 update contains 200+ improvements! Some of the other major improvements are a split screen keyboard for the iPad, many settings changes allowing users to tweak notifications, led notifications and vibration patterns, new accessibility options, improved reminders, camera upgrades with improved photo editing, Safari reader and updated tabs, and much much more!

Many argue that Apple has stolen their "new" features from other OS's but it seems like in typical Apple fashion they have done a great job of improving upon the competitions features.  Apple customers will definitely be in store for some great new features this fall when the iOS 5 upgrades roll out! For even more details on the new iOS 5 features be sure to check out the source links listed below!


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  1. Even with all these new updates & features, why hasn't Flash been enabled on Apple devices?