Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Transitioning From The OG EVO 4G to The EVO 3D

If your upgrading like me or thinking of upgrading from the OG EVO 4G to the upcoming (June 24th) EVO 3D, you might want to check out this handy comparison chart posted over on Good and Evo's blog. The EVO has been the best phone I've ever had and is arguably one of the top phones to date, so it definitely isn't necessary to upgrade but lets be real the EVO 3D is a beast! In addition to the 3D features which may or may not excite you, it improves upon it's one year old sibling in many other categories. EVO 3D has more horsepower; 1.2GHz dual-core processor, double the RAMof the original EVO with 1GB and four times thee internal storage at 4GB of ROM helping the phone handle all the apps you throw at it even better. The Evo 3D has a superior 4.3" qHD screen, so while it is the same size it has much better clarity and resolution (960x540 pixels to the EVO 4G's 800x480). It has dual 5MP cameras instead of the EVO 4G's 8MP shooter but it is a better quality camera sensor, recording 1080p 2D video (vs the OG EVO's 780p) in addition to 720p 3D video. The E3D has a combined HDMI and microUSB port called a MHL port instead of the separate microUSB and HDMI ports so yes you will need another cord if you already bought an HDMI cord, but luckily MHL is becoming the new standard for mobile devices.  Another big plus for the EVO 3D is the increased capacity battery; the E3D has a 1730mAh battery vs the EVO 4G's 1500mAh.  I'm sure many will want it for the increased battery alone lol.  When you take into consideration the $200 price tag for new/upgrading customers this is a great deal.  No one is losing here tho because the still very capable OG EVO is seeing price cuts all over the place!

Edit: Almost forgot to mention the enhanced HTC Sense 3.0 "skin" that HTC puts over Android 2.3 Gingerbread. I've been playing with some Sense 3.0 ROMS on my EVO 4G and I am pretty impressed! I'll post a video below to show some of the new Sense 3.0 features.

For me the 3D is just icing, The 1.2Ghz battery, upgraded (2D) camera specs, increased RAM/ROM, and battery capacity are enough. I will be counting down the days until this beast drops I can't wait.

Good and Evo



  1. I think this is a great next step. However there is no mention of better battery life. This is a huge handicap for the phone. I thought that this would be resolved I'm this iteration of the phone.

  2. I will say after a few days of using the E3D now my battery life does seem better than with the original Evo. How much better is the question... after a few weeks I should have a better idea, but it is better

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