Monday, April 11, 2011

Skype Video Chat for HTC Thunderbolt

Verizon showed it off, made promises, but did not deliver Skype with video calling upon release of its first LTE 4G phone the HTC Thunderbolt. But the file has been leaked and is waiting for you to download and install! Reports so far state that it runs well on 4G/WiFi and decent on 3G. I just did a test call from my laptop to my friends Thunderbolt and it seemed to work pretty well. I was really impressed with the sound quality.  Unfortunately the app only works for the Thunderbolt (tried on my Evo to no avail), but this is still a good thing for all of Android.  Just like the original (video call-less) Skype app for Android started as a VZW exclusive and was later released to all Android handsets, the video enabled version will eventually be available to all as well.  Hopefully some skilled developers and hackers will make that happen sooner than Skype or more accurately Verizon has planned.  Download the app from one of the links below and give it a try!

Thunderbolt Skype App [mirror] [mirror2]

Source: Droid Life



  1. Works great on my thunderbolt, really smooth and great picture

  2. Any news on when EVO 4G will be adding Skype video chat?