Friday, January 7, 2011

Skype Mobile WITH Video Calls Headed to Android

Skype has already released their crippled Skype mobile Android app to all Android phones after a short exclusive term on Verizon Android devices.  Unfortunately it came without video calling, you know, Skype's number one feature; but now they are ready to correct that problem and will be introducing a fully featured version of their app.  There is likely to be a small catch however.  If history tells us anything, it debuting on Verizon's upcoming 4G LTE, Tegra dual-core powered, 4.3-inch Droid Bionic, likely means that it will for at least a little while be a Verizon exclusive; and  not because of any LTE related specifications, but because VZW has that kind of pull.

On the plus side I'm sure once the Droid Bionic is released hacking and porting that apps functionality over to other capable phones will be at the top of many developers to-do list and hopefully my Evo will be Skype video calling within days of its release!  Either way video chat on any Android has to be good for all Androids eventually.... Now we wait....

Oh and I forgot to mention Skype's recent acquisition of Qik, the half baked video calling app thats installed on many video chat capable Androids, especially of the Sprint variety.  This has to be a good thing for the spread of that new video calling functionality beyond the big red walls of Verizon.  Lets hope that once that acquisition is completed all phones that come with a default install of Qik get the option to use Skype.  I really wasn't feeling Qik at all... This is sure to take a chunk out of Fring's user base too I'm sure.

*UPDATE: It's looking like all of Verizon's 4G video chat capable phones will be running the new Skype! Hopefully this means hacking it will be even easier if it ends up being a Verizon exclusive.

Source: Engadget


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