Friday, September 18, 2009

Windows Mobile --- I'm Done

I'm pretty sure I'm done with Windows Mobile; or at very least I have to try a different OS. I have been a Winmo fan since the PPC 6700 (or whatever name your carrier called it). I have tried all the modding and custom roms and downloaded all the cab files in a desperate attempt to get my phone to function the way it should and I have to come to one conclusion after all my efforts. Unless you are a programmer or very highly skilled computer nerd Winmo sucks ass! Plain and simple its an old OS that MS keeps trying to "update" with features that are typically old before they are launched.

Don't get me wrong in the right hands a WinMo device is powerful. It can do everything the iPhones and Pres of the world can do. It will just take a ridiculous amount of extra work that the average consumer is not capable of. I don't think I am the savviest Winmo user but I know I am light years ahead of most of my peers and the average consumer and I am really getting frustrated with Winmo. Its slow, ugly, lacking apps (that are easily accessible, useful and safe (I know people would argue that it has the most apps).

I want to be able to take my phone out of the box and have it just be able to do what I need. The world that Winmo was created for is gone, MS needs to get it together. I know WinMo 7 is coming but I am not excited it will probably be garbage like every version before it. I just want an OS that is usable, looks good and can do the things that are relevant to me in my day to day life. Yes, work or "business" is part of that but it is just that -- PART of my life not all of it. Other OS's are getting this, why not MS.

Bottom line the shit sucks and getting my iTouch was the biggest eyeopener. I keep finding my self like "this could be my phone" or "why can't it be this easy on my phone". I will be making the switch as soon as the HTC Hero drops next month to give Andriod a try. I love everything else Google does I'm sure this will be no exception. If it doesn't work its on to WebOS and then if I have to the iPhone. I'm done playing Frankin-phone with MS, trying to make my phone work like a phone in the 21st century.

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