Wednesday, September 23, 2009

SERO on the HERO

I have been following this topic on many forums and there seem to be compelling arguments both ways. Personally feel that Sprint will screw us and force the switch if you want the Hero. I HOPE that I am wrong. I also feel that it is only a matter of time until they force us all off (the plan and potentially the network for some). I could definitely see WinMo 7 being the way that they do that.

I think I may take the dive and switch to the "New SERO". I'm sick of having a phone I don't want over $30/month. I agree that this is a GREAT deal and it hurts me deeply to have to make this decision, but I want what I want! I passed the Pre, then it could be the Hero, then what? Pass up every new phone except WinMo?! I'm over WinMo I can't do it. TP2 is nice but a week later I'd feel the same way I feel about my TP once I get over the huge new screen. At the end of the day I'm fortunate for my savings over the years and $60/month is still a great deal. I hate to let it go but I'm pretty sure I wont have a choice soon.

I have one question though. I, like many others in phone forums have called customer service twice to ask about this topic. Both times they said I'd be fine with SERO. The most recent time (2 mins ago) I specifically asked her if she was checking for compatibility with the "old SERO", further specifying that I had the $30/month plan or if she meant the "new SERO" which was an "everything whatever" plan. She put me on hold for about 5mins and checked with the supervisor and said "YES YOURS WILL WORK". She stated that as of now they have been informed it will work, however we obviously wont know for sure until it launches. I kindly asked her to note my account that it will work with my plan :) !.... Now, my question. Does this matter? When the phone comes out and Sprint decides to use it as its newest Weapon to kick people off of SERO, will the note on my account amount to anything? I figure it at least gives me some basis to argue either some cash of per month or features on (free of course) per month....

I definitely understand the issue that frugal users may remove the data portion of a plan where it is simply an add on and resultantly screw themselves by accidentally using data related features. Thats actually something I warn people of all of the time, not just with data but with very low minute plans. However, I feel like SERO should not be lumped in with such users. It should be an exception. NO SERO user is going to drop the data portion of their plan. If that is even possible. And couldn't they just make it necessary to have any data plan with these devices. If a customer wants the phone couldn't they just clearly state you must have data and then deny request to remove it for the handsets? I agree that these devices should require data. My argument with sprint has always been that I have data already. They continually use the statement that smart/pda phones need data and thats why they are forcing the switch, to which I reply I have had a PDA phone for at least the last 4yrs all of which had data with no problem so I don't really see why my data couldn't work with these new devices. I'd even gladly pay 10 more to add GPS, and premium TV, etc. if thats the complaint.


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