Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nerds Need Cash Too

So I am becoming increasingly aware of the fact that I may be too obsessed with technology. As I continually share my passion with those around me, I am almost always confronted with the fact that they don't really care. They'll listen as most good friends will, but they truly don't care and its usually pretty obvious despite their attempts to look interested. I try not to talk about gadgetry so much but I seem to inevitably come back to the topic. Its so bad that I find myself dropping into stores with no intent to purchase anything, just to have an conversation with the people who share my interest. I was at the mall last weekend with my girlfriend and she just laughed as I walked into T-Mobile to talk with the reps, despite the fact that I have been on Sprint for 5+ years and have no intention on switching. I solely wanted to discuss their new devices, changes to the network and the competitive cellular market. Sad, I know.

So I wonder if this is something I should work to ween my self away from. It doesn't cause any real issues in my life. I am perfectly capable of having normal social relationships, but I'm sure it can be annoying sometimes and certainly earns me the title of tech geek amongst my friends. Everyday its some new device, app, OS, or other technologically related event that I'm blabbing about.

The best solution would be if I could find some way to make this passion lucrative. I spend so much time researching and reading about tech, trying to mod my phone, and testing out apps that I basically devote an average work week to it anyway(well a part time work week at least). I have been able to do this in the past. I sold Nextel ring tones and modded phones, generating enough money to pay for most of my books during the first few years of undergrad. But, with the evolution of cell phones ring tones and modding became much less profitable as more attention went into the actual phone software and OS. I have yet to find a way to generate profit in the newest generation of phones.

As I pursue my Master's in an area totally unrelated to my undergrad degree and even further disassociated with my love of technology; I have to wonder am I making a mistake? I would love if I could find a job which utilized my passion and allowed me to submerge myself in the tech world while generating profit to live on. But what can I do? The web opens up so many opportunities, and you'd think with a business degree from one of the best business schools in the nation I could come up with something. Hmmmm......

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