Wednesday, July 27, 2011

FREE Apps at the Amazon Android Appstore

I've been telling people about Amazon's Appstore for months and I don't know why I never blogged about it, but.... Amazon has their own Android Appstore and if you haven't heard about it I'd definitely recommend checking it out. Not because its better than the Android Market Place or even easier to use, nope! It gives away one paid app for FREE daily! I have it installed just for that reason. It was a good plan for Amazon who is likely setting things up for an upcoming Android based Amazon Tablet. It also provides an added level of security for developers that help prevent pirating and theft of their apps. If I'm not mistaken I think they even claim to screen apps better providing safer app downloading for you, the end user as well.

But back to the important part; everyday a new paid app is featured and can be downloaded for free! Once downloaded it is saved to your Amazon account and can be uninstalled and re-downloaded at will.... So, I've started downloading any free app of interest and just uninstalling it, going back to my downloads list in the Amazon Appstore and re-downloading (if) when I want to use the apps. This works really well for games that I don't play often but maybe want on my phone when traveling. I currently have over 20 free apps in my account of which I probably have five or less installed.

It does take a few extra steps to install the Appstore and to install apps from the Appstore, than it does in the Android Market, but it's well worth it; and these aren't just crap games and apps either they frequently give away more expensive apps and games. Many of the $5 apps I download automatically if I even think they are or could be useful at some point. Also, they often get exclusives on apps when they are first released; Angry Birds Rio was launched as an Amazon Appstore exclusive before finding its way to the Market.


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