Sunday, January 26, 2014

Nexus 5 Case Review

I've gotten a chance to try out a couple of cases for my Nexus 5. Check out my review for the cases from Diztronic, Spigen and Caseology below! Links for each case on Amazon below as well.

Caseology LG Google Nexus 5 [Saffiano Hybrid Series] - Premium Matte Leather Shock Absorbent TPU Bumper Case (Black)


  1. Love the review. I ended up getting a Diztronic Case but am still very interested in the Spigen. Wondering if I should make the switch becuase I too really love the feel of the phone. But I went with what I thought would be the best protection as I intend on having the phone for a while. Have you done any drop tests with the 3 cases?

    1. Thanks! I mostly switch between the spigen and the diztronic. I use the diztronic at work or when going to the gym or anywhere that might be more hazardous to my phone. And the spigen for nights and weekends. The spigen is my favorite as far as looks and feels (texture is very similar to the phone itself). But the diztronic covers the phone better and seems a little more sturdy. Unfortunately I can't afford to try any true drop tests since this is my personal phone that I depend on daily, but I have dropped it a few times in each (spigen and diztronic, I returned the caseology one). I was lucky that the spigen drop wasn't too bad of a drop because I feel less confident that it could save the phone if it fell from high enough of at the wrong angle. It also seems more prone to scratches. I've had some pretty rough drops in the diztronic which the phone survived without a scratch and the case was fine once I wiped it off. Niether case is going to provide much shock absorption if dropped from high enough tho. Sadly, this is just the price you pay for them being so slim. I don't drop my phone too often and it's usually from no higher than just above waist height so for me both cases protect my phone well. They are especially effective for my main needs which is just protecting it form scratches in my pocket, bag or on a table etc. Thanks for reading my review!