Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wiimote Controller Support for the HTC Evo with Custom Rom

Things keep getting better for the Evo this week first the Froyo update is announced and now shdwknt has posted video of his Evo successfully using the Wiimote as a bluetooth controller on his various emulators over on  This lets him play classics like SNES, Genesis, and even Playstation using  WiiRemote as a controller.  With the Evo's kickstand and multi-player support the Evo just got even better. I tried this app before and it wasn't compatible with HTC Sense so it seems to work for him because he is using the custom rom from Cyanogen that does not use HTC Sense. Hopefully someone will find a way to use this and keep HTC Sense cause I don't wanna lose it but I can't wait to get some Mario and Sonic crackin with a REAL controller!!!!


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